Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Hotel Stay Guidelines

Everything to know for a safe stay at The Corstorphine Hotels Group


1) Please follow social distancing rules where possible inside the premises

2) Wear face coverings, unless exempt

3) Make use of sanitizer provided

4) Stay home if you’re feeling ill


1) Will maintain their distance to ensure our guests feel safe

2) Strictly follow Government guidelines to stay safe

3) Are trained for emergencies

4) Will wear appropriate PPE

Common areas:

1) Extra daily disinfection of all floors, surfaces and frequently touched areas

2) Multiple hand sanitizing stations available

3) Anti bacterial wipes available for guest use

4) Guests and staff to abide by social distancing rules and wear face coverings in communal areas

If at any point you feel unwell or experience any of the known symptoms of COVID-19, do not enter the premises, avoid contact with others, dial 111 for NHS advice and book a test.


Edinburgh City Suites
Strachan House, 16 Torphichen Street
City of Edinburgh

0131 476 7116
Fax: 0131 539 7092